Company Visits Reflection part 1 Homework #14

26 Jan

The very first company we visited in Dubai, was TDIC. Recently, TDIC has focused all of its efforts in creating “Saadiyat Island” in Abu Dhabi. TDIC is extremely well organized and intelligent in the way that it both markets its development on projects and the way it gets money from foreign markets. I believe that Saadiyat Island will be successful due to the great efforts of the civil engineers behind the developments. The next company visit was at Majesty Yachts. I learned a lot from Majesty Yachts which taught me how rich one would have to be in order to buy a yacht, but the real skill is behind the masterminds who sell yachts. Yachts in general are completely unnecessary, and are based off of impulse buying. One must sell from a completely different angle when applying the customers. Majesty Yachts creates some of the most expensive custom made yachts around the world. One thing I found extremely interesting was how so many all the workers were indian. It was something I haven’t ever seen before in my life. Some laborers didn’t even wear masks over their faces as they sprayed extremely bad chemicals. I later found out that the workers live there, eat there, and as I was leaving I saw the awfully small showers where they washed their faces. Here were the greatest yachts for the most wealthy people in the world being worked on by some of the most unfortunate laborers.


2 Responses to “Company Visits Reflection part 1 Homework #14”

  1. Kimberly Houston January 29, 2011 at 5:00 am #

    You saw their showers? Wow, I didn’t know that, nor did I see them. Working conditions in Dubai are extremely controversial and are becoming a huge deal. I was reading an article last night that was questioning the labor of the TDIC workers who were working on the labor on Saadiyat Island. TDIC commented to the article writings and assured them that their workers were not being exploited- but the writers seemed to think differently. It’s sad that there is so much wealth in the country, yet there are so many poor workers.

  2. browne61 January 29, 2011 at 5:54 am #

    I really like your post you brought up some very different points especially about your experience at majesty yachts. I thought it was bad that the spent on purchasing the yachts could have been used to provide better conditions for the laborers. It was sad that health couldn’t have been provided. I feel that there need to be some better steps taken to aid the people responsible of building the yachts. Good Job!!!

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