Company visits part 2 Homework #15

26 Jan

The next visit was at FedEx Dubai. Unlike majority of the companies, FedEx is a company that I’ve actually heard of before. I learned a lot about FedEx as a company. One thing that intrigued me was how FedEx explained that it is much more than shipping packages, it is providing the FedEx experience. FedEx wants its customers to use FedEx to feel the entire experience with no problems. FedEx offers the experience by giving its customers the purple promise. We also learned that Fex has vast amounts of different branches. I believe FedEx Dubai will be extremely successful in the future because it acts as a hub in between the eastern and western world. One thing that intrigued me was how FedEx Dubai dealt with the terrorist package. On the news before coming to Dubai I remember was how a package from Yemen destined for the United States contained an explosive. One of the head people in charge explained the story of how he held the explosive and had no idea, but later found out what was actually inside of a printer.


2 Responses to “Company visits part 2 Homework #15”

  1. Kimberly Houston January 29, 2011 at 4:57 am #

    I love the fact that FedEx’s number one priority is their customers- as it should be. They also have tons of respect for their employees. During the recession, they did not fire employees, they instead moved them to another job position that was needed.

    I remember hearing about the package from Yemen that contained the bomb. It’s crazy that it moved through the FedEx Dubai hub without notice and ended up in the United States. I’m glad we found the bomb before it was able to be activated!

  2. wei520 January 31, 2011 at 5:36 am #

    That was a great experience for me too, I have to say, they do have better services than other companies. Besides, they consider about your stuff’s safety. Once I want to send an Xbox to my friends, FedEx forced me to buy insurance for my delivery. Although it charged me more, but I feel they were being responsible for my stuff.

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