Reflections on Sheikh Zayed’s Quotes Homework #11

10 Jan

“A nation without a past is a country without a present or a future.”

“Nobody can live the present without recalling the past. It is from history that we learn and acquire excellence.”

It’s interesting that the shakes puts so much emphasis on its past and Dubai’s future. Dubai has an interesting past that is filled with culture. While many tourist countries and cities sacrifice their culture to bring in more guests, Dubai and rest of the United Arab Emirates does a fantastic job of incorporating their original roots into their everyday lives. Their past can specifically be seen by their faith and religion, as well as traditions such as smoking shisha and drinking tea. Dubai’s conservatism is extremely beneficial because it retains its own national identity. Many museums are dedicated to Dubai’s past, and people from all over can see how a cosmopolitan city rose up from the sand within 40 years. Cabo San Lucas is a great example of a city that does not hold onto its native culture and instead has whored itself out to tourism. Cabo San Lucas has sacrificed its native mexican history to become a tourist site for Americans. Cuba is also a great example of a country that did the same thing as Cabo, but inturn became entirely reliant on the United States which led to its poor economy and eventually communist take over. Although some may view the United Arab Emirates as too conservative and stuck in their ways, I applaud them for their cultural traditions and believe it will make Dubai extremely successful in the long run.


One Response to “Reflections on Sheikh Zayed’s Quotes Homework #11”

  1. walchaka January 10, 2011 at 4:08 pm #

    I agree that United Arab Emirates does a fantastic job of bringing tourists to the country(whose moderation is almost non-existent) and maintaining their cultural modesty and traditions. Although it seems that many Europeans who come have little boundaries, there are still no nude beaches, and the nationals still hold the right to tell people to put more clothes on. UAE’s history and traditions although still prevalent, are used to bring more tourists and used to give “the real” experience. When we went to the Desert Safari, this could especially be seen at the camp where the company used many of the typical traditions to lure tourists into giving money for the whole experience. Not only is this great marketing and business practice, but it helps somewhat educate tourists about the nation’s history. I think Dubai and Abu Dhabi have done a great job balancing these two issues.

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