Homework #9

6 Jan

Today we learned all about the importance of Dubai, and how Dubai’s media tempers with it’s news in order to improve the nation. While many westerners like to see the fall of Dubai, and look at Dubai with a sense of Shadenfreude because when the middle east fails, americans (and others) feels a sense of accomplishment or pride because it’s not themselves. Little do people know how that when the economy in Dubai increases, the world’s economy increases. When Dubai succeeds, it creates more jobs, which leads to more jobs for workers from India, China, and other nations. Those workers send money back to their countries, which lead the countries overall increasing. Since Dubai’s improvements, India has also dramatically become better. Another interesting thing we learned was how Dubai’s media censors anything that trashes the country. Coming from America where freedom of speech is used all the time, Dubai is very different. Remember the terrorist package from Yemen to Dubai that was destined for the United States? Not many people have heard of it at all from Dubai. The world’s largest car pile up took place in Dubai, and at first the death toll was extremely low (around 7), but on the scene of the crime it was obvious that there were over 18 body bags. I truly appreciate living in a country where I have the opportunity to vote for representatives of my country and have the freedom of speech. Tomorrow I am coming home and already the mixed emotions are hitting me.


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