Homework #8

5 Jan

Today was an extremely fascinating day, We went to a Majesty Yachts, a luxurious yacht building business, that makes made to order super yachts for the most extravagant customers (from rulers of countries, self made millionaires, to celebrities). We learned the most fascinating this about the production and selling of yachts. One thing that I thought was incredibly fascinating was how people perceive things when they buy them. Think about it, why would anyone ever buy a yacht? Personal jets and fancy cars are the utility to get from here to there, but yachts are a symbol of luxury, they have no necessity other than escaping land, being on a boat, and showing off ones wealth. In fact people don’t normally buy yachts, yachts are bought purely off impulse. Yachts (like many other products) are also heavily based on where they come from, but in fact come from other places. Yachts that are built in the United Arab Emirates typically give the perception that they are italian. Toshiba (clearly japanese) is typically constructed in taiwan, india, and china. If Toshiba gave the perception that it was constructed in those following companies its quality would depreciate. The same can be said for yachts. It’s really interesting to see that the middle east (not having the greatest reputation) has the greatest manufacturing of luxury items. If you think people are picky about luxury in Beverly Hills, introduce them to an emirati or saudi prince-they know how to be treated and expect a lot for their money


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