Homework #7

4 Jan

The more time I spend in Dubai, the more and more I learn about Dubai’s incredible amount of excess to globalization. Whether I am in a mall and see all of the stores from across the world or at the international companies that we visit. Today we visited FedEx Dubai, where we found out that Dubai’s FedEx is the hub for all of middle eastern packaging and also the center of the world for traveling in between from asia/europe/and the US. Dubai FedEx was also there during the bomb scare from yemen-it was really interesting to meet the person who actually held the bomb in their hand and had to contact authorities.  Dubai is continuing to be one of Middle East’s most important cities, because it is a city that is so globalized. Globalization is one of Dubai’s greatest assets, and is probably the main benefactor in keep Dubai sustainable. However Dubai’s biases towards emarati people and disrespect to majority of its people is something that will have to change in order to make Dubai sustainable.


One Response to “Homework #7”

  1. Kimberly Houston January 5, 2011 at 4:02 am #

    I agree with you that Dubai is extremely important due to its globalization. Globalization is what keeps this area sustainable. If Dubai did not have globalization they would not have tourists, they would not have contracts with large companies, etc. The money flow would be short and therefore Dubai could not build as many extravagant things as they do today. They are biased towards the Emirati people- however, I do not see how they is a problem for right now. Dubai is very welcoming and respectful to foreigners. They provide them with jobs, a place to live, etc.

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